A, 25.

Thank you for saving me from the torment of doubt. Thank you for saving me from someone who was never going to value my crown. Thank you for falling into his trap, again. Thank you for not choosing better for yourself and getting involved with a man who’s lips pressed onto another.

I am sorry that you are blind to his evil. I am sorry you have been deceived since childhood. I am sorry he is taking advantage your naïveté. I am sorry that you do not trust the warnings. I am most sorry that I cannot share history with you. I want better for you because I believe you are gullible not because you are kind.

Your actions are made for one another. I have no doubt in my mind about your intentions being just as reckless as his, so I part with a final thank you….

Thank you for cleaning up the pieces of a broken shell that will never care to be full.

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