About Emmy

A far too familiar theme in life is miscommunication, I identified that as a young girl and refused to fall into the trap. Expression through writing has always come as naturally to me as breathing. I used that talent to learn more about the world around me, wrote down what I observed with empathy, and communicated with intention. I held others accountable for the way they spoke and was often referred to as the child who was “too outspoken” or “an old soul”.

I was born and raised in the hustle and bustle of Miami and I am also a proud citizen of Nicaragua. After free-form writing, my passions lie with serving my global community through inter-personal communication. I have a Masters in Global Strategic Communications, Bachelors in Organizational Communication and I am beginning a journey towards a PhD. I have over 10 years of business and project management experience.

I continue to apply my craft and skill through private one-on-one sessions as a communications consultant, a freelance content strategist and writer, and through my podcast: Talk About It! with Emmy the Writer. Collaborate with me through the MEET WITH ME tab.

Sending you lots of love, Emmy.