About Emmy

A far too familiar theme in life is miscommunication, I identified that as a young girl and refused to fall into the trap. Writing has always come as naturally to me as breathing. I used that talent to learn more about the world around me, wrote down what I observed with empathy and communicated with intention. I held others accountable for the way they spoke around me and was often referred to as the girl who was “outspoken”, “an old soul” or my personal favorite…”too smart for her own good.”

I was born and raised in the hustle and bustle of Miami, FL and I am also a proud citizen of Nicaragua. Proudly bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish. After free-form writing, my passion lies in serving my global community through inter-personal communication. I have a Masters in Global Strategic Communications, Bachelors in Organizational Communication and I am beginning a journey towards entrepreneurship. I have over 10 years of business management experience and over 6 years of customer experience and communication management, including extensive work in project management/strategy and social media management. I have been creating content, learning how to share communication skills with others and studying the human psychology of why we fail to properly communicate as humans for as long as I can remember.

I apply my craft professionally through communication management for businesses, interpersonal development, content strategy and content creation. Ask me anything you’d like using the CONTACT tab or collaborate through the CHAT WITH ME tab. If you are looking to start working together for your small business, please feel free to email me at emmythewriter@icloud.com.

Sending you lots of love, Emmy.