Lone Wolf 

He was a wolf; fearless, strong, and intimidating. In the dead of night, he howled at the moon with underlying distress and pain. He believed he was meant to be alone to protect himself, until the night that his howl echoed in response, and he found her. She was clearly powerful, a force to be reckoned with, equipped with a glare that could cut through bone. His instinct was protection, and hers was to provide. Never once did he regard her as weak or fragile; they were equals in strength, precision, and hunger. Together they were an unstoppable force of nature. She guided him, supported him, and kept him sane. He was a relentless creature who did not hesitate to destroy in order to protect her. Both lived their entire existence as lone wolves; however, they sought solace in each other’s company, and found unequivocal love in their protection.


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  1. Sidharth says:

    They say a person values the most, that entity that he/she is deprived of. I being a loner myself can relate to a lone wolf on whom everyone has turned their backs & ignored so if anyone stood by me, I like the lone wolf too standby them & would protect that person’s happiness. Amazing poetry thanks for sharing! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them 😊

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    1. emmythesiren says:

      I would love to read your writing and give some feedback! Thank you for your response ♥️ I also agree with you 100%, you appreciate that which is missing from you.

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      1. Sidharth says:

        Pleasure was all mine to witness the great exhibition of your divine creativity 😊

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