An Angry Bed

You can feel fury in the sheets

The uncomfortable heat

Not of bodies entwined and becoming one

But rather two bodies ripped apart

They tug back and forth

While he pretends to sleep

And she lies wide eyed

Contemplating walking out unannounced

I love you [more] seems irrelevant

Where there is no affection

They’re merely words and empty promises

Like the “good night” exclaimed a few hours earlier

The darkness is filled with uneasy movement

Like an attempt at innocent touch heavy with intention

And the quick retreat when it isn’t met

Her nightmares flooded with eery memories of loves past

As natural light hits restless eyes

They stand with holes in their chests

Not a word

A meek kiss as a formality

Toothpaste on his lips

Midnight cigarette on hers

He drives off intentionally ignoring her frustration

To make himself feel validated

As she sits to smoke another

Relieves stress they say

Another empty promise

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