The Ghost

There is something missing from me and it has everything and nothing to do with your physical absence all the same. I don’t miss your kiss, or the way you made love to me, or even the way you held me when you thought I was asleep…I’m never asleep. It was in your charm. Your voice. The uncanny power and control you had behind my laughter. I miss the person you were. I remember the corners of your smile and the chemistry behind that look. Your thirst for adventure always drove me to your side. I miss the dreamer you were. You made me dream. Your dreams were larger than life but unfortunately, I found with time, they were just that…dreams. So, you dug yourself into a nearly comatose reality that was so heavily self-constructed by negativity and deception that even I couldn’t help you out. You tried to drag me from my own dreams to pull yourself from your paralysis but I’m never asleep…and now I don’t dream.


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